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Dry me! Beach towel

Very interesting and cute towel for beach, pool or bathroom. Beach towel with hood. Keeps your little one warm and dry. For children until 4 years old.

It’s so easy! Cover for changing pad

Universal cover for your baby’s changing pad. This soft and comfortable terry cover makes changing your baby easier and your baby has a soft underground while being changed. For changing pads of max. 50x80cm.


Keep me close! Baby carrier

For new-born a safe place to sleep, close to mama’s heart and in the same position that the baby had inside the stomach. It’s the perfect way to bond with your child, enjoy your freedom and look fancy while doing so. Older children can sit in it while mama is using her hands for other things.

Made of soft, elegant fabric, 100% cotton, this carrier is comfortable, breathable and washable. The carrier is available in many colors.

Baby pink
Dark blue

Keep me warm! Universal foot-bag for strollers

When it’s cold outside you still like to take your little one for a stroll. On the other hand it can be time consuming and complicated to constantly dress your baby in coverall or jacket. And when you enter somewhere to take it all off again. Especially when your little one falls asleep in the meantime.

In this foot bag you can put your baby in his regular clothes and when you enter into a warmer area you just open the front of the bag and the baby will be comfortable. The child can be secured in the stroller because the bag has openings for the safety belts.

The material is really soft and water and wind proof but at the same time regulates heat by ’breathing’. It can be used all winter and your child will enjoy.

  • Universal and simple with 5 holes for the shoulder and waist belts
  • Simple opening/closing with Velcro straps
  • Can be used in all strollers that have 3 or 5 point safety belts and in almost all other strollers
  • Can be used for baby’s from 6 months up to app. 3 years
  • Dimension 95x50cm when closed
  • 100% polyester

Keep my head warm! Cap for baby

This cap will go perfectly with your Kikebu baby carrier or you can order it separately. It is made of the same material of which our carrier is made of and in the same colors and more!

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Tug me in! Baby wrap

Absolutely necessary in your babies wardrobe. Excellent way to keep your baby warm; the wrap is designed in a way that the baby is completely surrounded by it. No more sliding of blankets and cold little feet.

You can use this wrap to take your newborn home from the hospital and in the stroller in stead of a blanket and/or jacket.

When you enter into a warmer area (for example after taking a walk going inside) you do not have to wake your baby to take off some clothes but you just open the front of the wrap and the baby will be comfortable.

  • Simple wrapping with Velcro straps
  • No longer necessary to keep taking of and putting on jackets all the time
  • The hood provides extra comfort and helps keep your baby warm
  • Can be used in car seat
  • Can be used for newborns and up to approximately 9 months
  • Dimension 70x40cm when closed
  • 100% cotton